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If you plan to refinish your bathtub in the near future, then you need to hire a professional to handle this process for you. You see, many people try do-it-yourselftub refinishing methods and they often experience less than stellar results.

Before I go any further, I do want to explain one thing…

tub refiniishing

Not all DIY bathtub refinishing products do a terrible job. Some of them work excellently, and you can save a lot of money when refinishing your bathtub yourself.

But truthfully, it’s hard to figure out which DIY products work the best. So you’re much better off having a professional handle your tub refinishing needs instead of trying to do it on your own.

That’s the way I see it, and if you go to bathtub related forums on the Internet you’ll read plenty of horror stories from people trying to refinish their bathtubs by themselves.

Don’t fall victim to this trap. Avoid tub refinishing if you don’t enjoy or excel at handyman style work. If you like to do this type of do-it-yourself work, then by all means give it a try. But if you would rather avoid this stuff like the plague, then you shouldn’t even consider doing it yourself.

The Durability of Tub Refinishing

So, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not bathtub refinishing is actually durable. And there’s a simple answer…

If you do the job correctly, and you maintain the quality of your bathtub, then this type of tub refinishing will last for many years, if not decades.

Three properly applied coats of polyurethane acrylic can literally last a lifetime. But the reality of the situation is simple…

Many people scratch their bathtub while cleaning it. Some people have a tendency to drop heavy things while in the tub and scratch up the surface. You could end up scratching up your bathtub for a whole number of reasons, and then your beautiful tub refinishing work will not last.

Let’s break it down like this…

If you don’t act carefully while using your bathtub, then it’s highly likely that you’ll end up scratching the tub and ruining the refinishing job a lot quicker than you would otherwise.

So make every effort to take care of your bathtub now that you are going through all of the trouble of refinishing it. This way the hard work will last for a long time.

Nobody wants to throw away hundreds of dollars of their hard-earned money on nothing. If you ruin your tub refinishing job ahead of schedule, then it will certainly feel like you’re throwing your money away. Do yourself a favor and avoid doing anything like that.

Let’s take a look at some tips that will help maximize the shelf life of the tub refinishing work…

How to Maximize the Shelf Life of Bathtub Refinishing

To start with, you must avoid certain cleaning products at all costs. Abrasive cleaners and bleach immediately spring to mind.

Comet represents the perfect example of an abrasive cleaner. If you put it down on the bottom of your bathtub and scrub it, it will immediately scratch the surface and ruin your tub refinishing job. Bleach will also ruin the job by dulling the polyurethane acrylic and fading the paint.

So those are two examples of cleaning products that you must avoid…

You should also avoid using steel wool and scouring pads. You would think that this is obvious, but a surprisingly number of people scratch the surface of their bathtub using these cleaning items.

Just because you reglazed your bathtub doesn’t mean the glaze will last forever. If you scour and scratch at it in a repeated way with steel wool or scouring pads, then your tub refinishing job doesn’t stand a chance.

Please keep this in mind when cleaning your bathtub.

Here’s what you need to do…

When you need to clean your bathtub, please make sure that you use nonabrasive bathroom or kitchen cleaners instead. They gently clean the surface of the bathtub, and the chemicals will not eat away at the polyurethane acrylic or fade the paint.

Here’s another helpful tip…

Do you know the bath mats with the suction cups that people like to put on the bottom of their tub? Avoid this style of bath mat at all costs. The suction cups can tear the coating as you pull the bath mat in and out of the tub.

Last but not least, you should wax your bathtub with a urethane polish every six months. This will extend the tub refinishing and keep your tub looking brand-new all at the same time.

So there you have it…

Tub refinishing can last for decades if you treat the bathtub properly. If you don’t, then expect your tub to look old and beat up in no time at all.

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